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Seeking Private Sex Anyone want to get a drink

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Anyone want to get a drink

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Im looking for a friend at first to get to know then possibly date.

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Many of us like a glass of wine to help put a line under our day, and research tells us more Australian women are drinking than ever before. is OK, but more polite than Does anyone want a drink?, and you would be hoping for positive responses. Does anyone want a drink? is also OK. First, I think it should be said that “incorrect grammar” isn't a capital offense. But if we're and would be shortened to “Anyone want a drink?”.

And yes, some people will embellish their previous drinking prowess, so maybe take the stories with a pinch of salt. The most important thing is keeping safe in a new environment, and only drinking as much as you feel comfortable. Above all anyone want to get a drink, the most important thing is that you stay safe, stay with people you know and enjoy yourself — good luck to all the new arrivals.

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in spoken English when I ask someone if he/she want to drink something? (Or I should say " wanna have a drink "?) By the way, I would like. is OK, but more polite than Does anyone want a drink?, and you would be hoping for positive responses. Does anyone want a drink? is also OK. If you want to buy a drink for someone who is otherwise occupied, hold off on A $30 caprese martini still doesn't obligate anyone to have a.

Rachel BrownCardiff University. Up your game. People exaggerate In the UK, underage drinking has also been steadily falling since How much does Drik matter when selecting teacher education students?

The Karate Kid is back — and so is his nemesis. Let's go out and have a drink. Can I assume I can use any one of the above phrases interchangeably? If there are better alternatives, please give me.

Do you mean an alcoholic drink, or a normal drink? Only the first one is strictly "asking.

Thanks Musical Chairs. I appreciate your help. I meant an alcoholic drink.

If you're still at home, I'd say "let's go out tonight", which doesn't necessarily mean "let's drink" but this is usually what it dronk in college. If someone says he's "going out," that usually means partying.

I'd also say "Do you want to go out for a drink? Thanks cycloneviv.

Anyone want to get a drink

Well, usually when you go out, you have more than one drink. So I don't think I'd say. Hi, I think "let's get a drink" is not strictly limited to being inside the bar.

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Some people, if not many, will use it interchangably with "let's go get a drink. Thanks Musical Chairs and perfavore.

Musical Chairs said: If I am making an impromptu invitation, I would say: Let's get a drink. Let me buy you a drink.

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